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8 port gigabit wireless broadband router

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    Originally posted by Scrag Meister View Post
    What with the growth of tech in the house, i.e. NAS, CCTV, Wired wifi AP elsewhere in the house, I have run out of ports on my main router.

    Am looking to replace it with an 8-port gigabit router with wifi.

    Have seen a couple with front facing ports and power in the rear, would prefer pretty lights on the front and all i/o on the back.

    Any recommendations on this?
    I've got a Netgear one, sorry don't know the model but it does all you've listed plus acts as a hardware firewall. Lights on front, connectors on back, part of their Prosafe range, was around £250. Highly recommended.
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      There didnt seem to be a load of choice in wireless gigabit routers when I looked. I ended up with a Belkin N1 which works really well. Only 4 port mind.