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Debgging in .Net 2003 - why does it rebuild every time?

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    Debgging in .Net 2003 - why does it rebuild every time?


    Don't know if there is a solution to this or whether it's just the nature of the beast but I have a solution containing 36 separate projects & every time I debug it insists on doing a full rebuild despite the fact that no code has changed. Is there a configuration setting to prevent this? I've looked in MSDN and have Googled but no joy.

    Thanks in advance.

    It did have a habit of doing that.....

    Can't recall the solution but what I think I did was to create a new configuration called "quickdebug" and not list anything for compilation in that config.

    No idea if this will help in your situation of course.


      Yes, that'll do the trick. Cheers