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What googlebot sees

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    What googlebot sees

    I have finished a site for a friend to try and bring in some business. He is asking me when google will start listing his content. It has been up for about a week now, and I have registerd the site with google, and verified it with google, and created a local business entry under google. I have also uploaded the site map and registered the site with some popular directories.

    I can see from the web stats that googlebot swings by every day, but the keywords list is still empty under webmaster tools. I have told him it is a matter of time, and a week is not really enough time.

    However, I may be wrong. If anyone knows of how to expedite the google content listing process please can you post here.

    I have looked about, and all I can see is questions and not answers.

    Thanks in advance.
    Knock first as I might be balancing my chakras.

    Not really any way to speed up Google, it'll index when its ready, could be a few days, could be a few weeks. Wouldn't be concerned after just a week though. Important thing is to get as many incoming links as possible as that will get their attention faster. You've done the right thing with the directories and sitemap but if you have any of your own sites or clients sites then bung keyword laden links on there.

    Eg instead of

    'click here for acme tree pruning' (doesn't tell the engine what the destination is about, just 'here', loads of people make that mistake.)

    use 'Tree Pruning - Click here for Acme Tree Services: tree pruning and removal of unsafe trees'

    i.e. load relevent keywords within the link itself and work on getting as many incoming links as possible. Avoid these link exchange scams though.


      Also when you mention keywords, check you have done your homework about what's relevent to their business, assume you've been to something like: https://adwords.google.co.uk/select/KeywordToolExternal so see what people are actually looking for as regards their business and then written your site accordingly. You can whack it in http://www.keyworddensity.com/ to see if you are matching the terms you want to be found under.

      Also, install the Google Toolbar and check the PageRank of the sites you are wanting links from. The higher the rank, the more you push and work for a link from that site.

      Look at your high ranking competitors sites and use the Google Backward Links command on the Toolbar to see what incoming links they have - can you whack a link on the same sites/dirs?


        link to site?

        Have you got search engine friendly URLs?

        I.E. instead of:



        (Made up links, any page displayed by these links is entirely random)