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Apache SSL help

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    Apache SSL help

    For a while I've been running SubVersion over https with Apache, on my XP machine. All was good.

    However, I upgraded SVN to the new 1.5 version, and found I couldn't start Apache. After a bit of digging, I discovered the new mod_svn needs Apache 2.2.9 at least, and I had 2.2.4, so off I went and downloaded and installed 2.2.10.

    However, now I cannot get thing thing to start because of my SSL key being invalid. I'll post the exact message when I'm back home later, but it's something like the key is the incorrect length.

    The key is one I generated by some ridiculously over-complicated process I can't remember, and I also remember having to copy mod_ssl into the modules folder, and the same version is there now (I.e. it hasn't been updated with the 2.2.10 install). I remember being somewhat shocked that Apache didn't include SSL support - but does it now? I get the impression it does.

    The conf files weren't destroyed by the upgrade, so everything is as it was in theory. It's just the software that appears to be different.

    Can anyone help untangle this?
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