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Watching TV on your phone

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    Watching TV on your phone

    So, I have an O2 XDA Orbit II which I want to use to catchup with TV shows whilst on the commute to work.

    I know some on here already do this on various devices so thought I would canvas opinion.

    What is the best format to download shows and which sites do you use?
    (Hopefully, there will be some non-torrent options).

    I use EyeTV (I have a DVB-T hardware box connected to my mac) to record everything I want to watch. It can convert it to what ever format you like - handily it's got a couple of presets for iPhone/iPod Touch and Apple TV (which we got at the weekend - very cool) and exports a one hour show into iTunes in about 20 minutes. It's then available to sync with the Touch or ATV.

    I also use handbrake to get DVDs into iTunes.

    All of the above is next to useless though as you have a WinMo . Before we went Apple, I had a WinMo 5 phone. I used the same setup, but had to extract recorded TV to a different format, but IIRC there's a shiny media player which will play just about anything on a WinMo device.

    Other than that, I think there are some video podcasts from the BBC which might be of interest, but if you're after yankee TV not yet shown in the UK then torrents are your only option.
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      I use my Nokia E71 to watch news headlines form BBC or ITV for free. I'm currently researching a hack to allow me to use BBC iPlayer to stream content from the BBC (Nokia N96 already has this - although theoretically only over wi-fi not the 3g network) iplayer files downloaded are pretty huge, but at least you don't wait for buffering or server connections, unfortunately they only support downloads to windows machines - something to do with DRM.

      I have also been using handbrake to rip DVDs which I watch on my lappy or iPod. Today I've been downloading YouTube clips. I was going to convert them to mpg using ffmpeg but some git asked me to do some work.