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IP Stack (stuck)

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    Re: the two interfaces

    I dont think the proxy is an issue - you are not getting far enough - it only becomes an issue after tcpip is working.

    Many isp's check the number that the call comes from - does AOL ? ( normally when people have probs with inet access I config one of my machines to their isp settings - but aol has such a reputation for trashing your existing set up I dont want to risk it)

    I was wondering if it is setting itself up while you are on the lan - so installs its software but doesnt correctly set up the modem because it sees the lan ? It seems to be correctly setting up the application stuff - the browser email etc - but not the underlying networking - when it relies on the lan you already have everything is OK, but the modem connection never works.

    I would try setting up aol while disconnected from the lan, get it to config through your modem and see how that goes.


      Re: the two interfaces

      Okay M8 thks I'll give it a shot tomorow.




        I had alot of problems with Freeserve when dialing in from around the UK. They do a calling number check and if it's not your home number they limit the service.
        I found that I could browse but not download mail from their pop service. Anything free is not worth the hasle so chucked it in and pay demon £12pcm for a decent service.

        The only thing I thought was odd from the conversation so far is that you have 2 dialup networking adapters configured in your AOL ipconfig list. When you dialup your PC won't know which IP Address to use.


          Re: Freeserve

          Lotus hi,

          to be honest, at the time I took the screen shots above, I was working with second modem (I can't recall if it was connected or not at the time) However, I have since uninstalled all the s/ware etc for the second one for the attempt made yesterday. It still came up with 2 lots of IP addresses on an ipconfig /all I only have one modem available to the machine now!

          I'll crack on and try an installation with the dial up (off LAN) and come back to you.



            I striped out aOl re-installed it off the web and let it configure without the LAN cable attached. Same results as always I connect on dail up (on second attempt) to aOl and can't access the web or ping anyone or thing...

            So. I poked about, deleted the web cache, removed the AOL adaptor and nothing still the same.

            I connected up this time configuring the LAN settings and bang, straight in. here is an IP all with the LAN connected.

            If I do an ipconfig all whilst not connected to aOl then I don't see the PPP stuff...

            Depressing isn't it!


              Take it into work to get sorted !

              Thing to check
              In your control panel and Network settings you should only have 1x TCP/IP Dialup Adaptor setting.

              This TCP/IP line uses PPP to establish a dialup to any ISP/RAS connection. So your work RAS and other ISPs use the same line in your network panel.

              Whats odd is your other dialups only come up with 1 PPP adapter yet AOL comes up with 2.

              But then the last screen shot you posted shows only 1 PPP adapter, is this correct. And your default gateway is missing here so thats not going to work.

              This AOL thing is screwing your PC up.

              If your not connected you won't ses any ipconfig info.


                Re: Take it into work to get sorted !

                >>But then the last screen shot you posted shows only 1 PPP adapter, is this correct. And your default gateway is missing here so thats not going to work.<<

                This last screen shot was when connected to the LAN, using AOL (connected) through the LAN and I am able to use the AOL infernal browser etc... in short - it all works when connected to the LAN but not on dial up, which the prev screen shot shows)

                >>This AOL thing is screwing your PC up. << YOU GOT THAT RIGHT!!

                This is what I don't understand. If I can connect (dial up) to other ISP's then (irrespective of pinging the problem is not with my PC - but with the AOL thingy...

                Am I right or misguided?