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Java & mySQL

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    Java & mySQL

    Some servlets software I developed as the backend for a web-site has been working just fine for 8 months or so using JDBC against a mySQL database. There's about 12,000 lines of Java in total and some non-trivial SQL which I won't go into here, but suffice it to say, it was all fully tested and has been in production for a while, the software has not changed. The site is now experiencing some 'peculiar' behavior and my hosts (superb.net) don't seem to have a clue what they're doing. The problem can be characterized as follows :-

    Insert, update etc all appear to work just fine, however, select statements return empty result sets and no SQL exception even where I know data to exist (and verify this using phpMyAdmin).

    The ISP run Apache/Tomcat on a Unix platform.

    Any ideas ?
    Is there a free mySQL support forum ('cos I can't find it) ?
    Can anyone make a suggestion as to what the hosts have done to screw things up because I don't know enough about mySQL and Java on a web-server to make a judgement ?

    Sounds like a JDBC driver issue. Mysql has data and displays data. JDBC connection doesn't display data and isn't displaying an error sounds like the connection is faulty somewhere along the line.

    Check that they haven't upgraded something (or worse some else using the box has upgraded something).


      Thanks eek, my hosts have eventually admitted that they upgraded the JDBC drivers. And it's only taken them four days of me telling them that's what the problem probably was.


        of course,

        the underlying propblem is that jdbc drivers would take the first 3.5 days to get the data out!