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Web Page Redirect

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    Web Page Redirect

    Simple web query.
    I want to redirect anyone visting my free space at pipex to my proper site. There is no automatic redirect function / web forwarding available. Anyone got code to redirect to new site in 10 secs etc ?

    put this on index.htm, default.asp

    Meta tags are not allowed



      EZboard is wonderful isnt it ?

      ScotsPine was probably trying to say

      meta http-equiv="refresh" content="5;url=http://www.abc.com"

      all on one line with the less than / gt than brackets around it.

      put it in the header section of your html.

      the 5 in this case is the delay in secs url is the page to redirect to


        how did

        you manage that? it removed my post completely which was virtually identical to yours... maybe i should read the small print again :\


          META <>

          did you put the gt / lt symbols in - I dont think it likes them if they form a meta tag

          so > META < should be OK
          but the other way round would break it


            Re: META &lt;&gt;

            Lovely Jubbly - Thanks guys works a treat !