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Connecting to internet with a PDA and/or mobile phone

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    Connecting to internet with a PDA and/or mobile phone

    I've got a Dell Axim PDA and I'd like to connect it to the internet in order to receive (and ideally send) e-mail, preferably using my existing address.

    Reason for this: new client, despite claiming to be a developer of internet-based applications, does not provide ANY internet access to staff (i.e. not even e-mail) >:

    What would be the best way to do this? I've got a Nokia 8210e mobile phone (on Orange network) but although I can probably connect it to the PDA, my internet service provider is BT Broadband and I'm 99.99% sure that I can only connect to that service using my home fixed BT landline.

    One suggestion I've had is to get a Nokia 6100 which, apparently, can connect using GPRS, but I'm a bit suspicious of the likely cost.

    Any advice?

    I used an 8210 (on orange) with a psion 5 and a laptop without any problems - other than the low speed. It has a built in modem and ir so is a doddle to set up.

    I have no idea about access to your bt internet account (presumably you are on about email access?), but why not use something like the freeserve pay as you go internet access. I think they have a 0870 number and you just get charged for the call at national rate. Dont BT offer a similar scheme.


      Yeah, e-mail's all I really need.

      The pay-as-you-go e-mail service is probably the way to go. Pity that would give me yet another e-mail address to be spammed on.


        maybe not a problem

        If your existing service allows you to access your pop acount from elsewhere then you can continue to use that.

        You should not have any problems collecting mail, you may have to sort out how your outgoing mail will work since the pay as you go accounts may have limitations to stop spammers just dialing up and unleasing their @$%&



          BTinternet provide remote access to e-mail
          from this page:-


          - useful (when it's up)