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JScript JavaScript C# and document

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    JScript JavaScript C# and document

    I want to call JavaScript from C#.
    Anybody know how

    In Java I have the following

    import netscape.javascript.JSObject;
    private JSObject m_winObject;
    m_winObject = JSObject.getWindow( this );
    m_winObject.call("lib_setdata", args);

    This ****** is part of a JSP Page
    that has ( not literally but I cannot cope with these forum rules )

    s c r i p t type="text/JavaScript" src="file.js" s c r i p t

    and lib_setdata() is a function in the file js


    I would like to go further and write an assembly in JScript
    using all those iHtmlBLAHblahBLAH DOM items
    but that requires getting at the document

    I can create a C# ****** ( for want of a better description )
    that accepts PARAM but it has been all down hill since then.

    JScript JavaScript C# and document

    how can you call clientside stuff from the server? you can generate javascript in c# and put it on the client using RegisterClientScriptBlock.


      perhaps he meant Server Side JavaScript, but that died year ago.


        on the clientside browser

        jsobject is the java way of getting at a javascript function.

        I know about assembly linkage between jscript and c#

        but I have javascript that manipulates the dom.

        I want an aspx page with a c# dll in an o b j e c t tag
        and a means of that c# to call the included java script

        if you have seen peter torr's vsa control you would be close
        but that does not work for me ...


          take my advice - dont do any java on client side, especially if it relies on link up with javascript.


            Java On The Client ???

            Huh ?

            I have a java ******, that has a socket connection
            to a server.
            The java ****** calls a javascript function
            to render the page.

            I want to create a c# assembly
            that can call either jscript in another assembly
            or call javascript from c#

            This works okay in java and javascript
            JavaScript doing the complex rendering is slow but functional.