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Multiple Email Clients

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    Multiple Email Clients

    Having migrated to broadband I would like to automate the checking of several email accounts.
    I cannot start multiple session sof outlook express so I was wondering if ......
    a) can i get multiple sessions of express running
    b) if there is any PC software that I can install that will check all my mail accounts and hold the data locally


    product called popweasel will check multiple pop2/3 accounts and deliver to a local mail server. Regularly sold with mailgate a windows mail server.

    email me for info - you will be surprized to hear that I resell it...

    Mark Snowdon


      Am I missing something here?

      Outlook (all versions) can pop several (well as many as you like) accounts.

      Tools/Accounts/Mail tab/New


        RobAnt's correct, both Outlook and Express can both check multiple e-mail accounts, and save to your personal folders.

        I currently have a number of POP3 accounts, both UK and Belgium, which I access using Outlook Express.

        The only point you have to consider is that for outgoing e-mails you will have to ensure the server you use is the one you're currently connected to, to avoid 'No Relaying Allowed' etc, i.e. when you create a new letter select the account to use for sending (you can of cause specify the one address for all accounts as being the sender).

        Make sense?


          Absolutely, and what's more you <!--EZCODE BOLD START--> don't<!--EZCODE BOLD END--> need to spawn several copies of Outlook to do it.

          Using rules, you can separate the incoming emails from each account into their own respective "inbox" folders - or even better, categories them according to subject, sender or your own headings.

          Of course, check out Mark's solution too - Outlook isn't everyone's cup of tea.

          But it does for me. It's (Express) a reasonable news reader too.


            sorry I am over complicating, popweasel is a good product, but might be overkill for a couple of users, It comes into its own if you run a full local mailserver that you want to use with mail coming in from several sources.

            Collect mail from multiple POP accounts.
            Pass mail on to SMTP enabled servers like Lotus Notes/Domino and MS Exchange/Exchange 2000.


              God I must be thick....!
              Thanks guys, have swicthed from multiple identies to single entity, multiple mail accounts and seperate inboxes.
              Ta very much.


                Re: Multiple Email Clients - a slightly different angle...

                I've been reading this with interest guys. My webhost (Magic Moments) allows people to email me via my co.uk account but has only allowed me to send email as co.uk by using their website and sending 'on-line'. When I asked them if I could send via Outlook and send attachments, their reply was:

                "This is possible now if you use an ISP with an smtp server. We have no plans to introduce our own SMTP server as there is no feasible way for us to do so without our mail servers being over run by spammers. Hope this helps."

                It doesn't really as I've tried to change my outbound email address without success. I'll have to experiment more with this.

                Is their response usual?


                  Re: Multiple Email Clients - a slightly different angle...


                  no definatly not usual - what it suggests is that they dont know how to configure a mail server properly.

                  smtp is the internet mail system (Simple Mail Transport Protocol) which does the job of moving email from server to server, the second part of email is POP (Post Office Protocol) which holds the mail on their server waiting for you to collect it.

                  try in outlook going into your account details and setting the return address to your .co.uk address and see if emails go successfully.

                  can you not send attachments either ?

                  whats the address of your isp ?


                    Re: Multiple Email Clients - a slightly different angle...

                    My ISP is breathe (which does have smtp for breathe.com) Mark.

                    I'm getting a bit peeved about this as it doesn't look very professional me sending emails from @breathemail.net. (If you look at my emails to you, you'll see what I mean.) And it I'm increasingly ticked as Magic Moments email facility is not as good to use as almost anyone else's email. They use something called VCP (Virtual Control Panel) which is very basic. You can compose email and add a signature but that's about it.

                    I've got to spend time mucking about with my email accounts now.

                    I think I'll change hosts when my contract needs to be renewed - the domain is mine.