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Dashcam recommendations

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    Using Nextbase 512G since 2016. Front facing only. Got it fitted at Halfords. Going well, no complaints.

    Only problem was that their Dashcam holder is completely useless. But fixed it with 3M stickers. It is solid now.

    One more thing, always take it off when not driving. I once left it in the car at night, they broke front passenger window and grabbed it. It was gone and had to buy another.
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      Originally posted by ladymuck View Post

      I think it's the part where where you mentioned voice control to start recording perhaps?
      Ah. So you can say take photo, stop recording, start recording.. but it records all the time by default. Sorry
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        Originally posted by HoofHearted View Post

        With the DR590 the rear camera is cabled to the front one, which contains all the gubbins and MicroSD card, and the recordings are sync'd. You can also get a £20 adaptor to power it from the OBD port, which keeps cabling tucked out of the way.

        It might be that some of the cheaper ones are perfectly usable, I've just got a bit tired of struggling with things that don't quite work as they should, and having found the Blackvues to be a fit-and-forget option I've tended to stick with them. I'd hate to find that something went wrong and it didn't record on the one time I needed it :-(
        Yeah totally get that. For another 80 quid to have it all synced and working properly is a big advantage. Fudging it causes twice the problems. Definitely considering the Blackvue as I sold the MAI with the car but couldn't quite work out if it was worth the extra cost. That probably answers my question. A couple of notes to fire and forget rather than buggering around for the good number of years I'll have it is probably the sensible thing.
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