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Can homeplug travel back down the power main?

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    Originally posted by d000hg View Post
    We have a private overhead power cable to our house.
    We're having a second supply/meter installed maybe 40-50m back down the same overhead cable for the log cabin we're building in our grounds.

    It's a bit far for WiFi repeaters so I wondered if there's any chance homeplug might travel outside our domestic wiring?

    Otherwise we'll either get mobile internet or see if we can wing a cat 6 cable down there. We'd likely want internet for security cameras so I'm a bit dubious about 4g... Not for the quality but the data/cost.

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    get a parabolic wifi antenna.

    or make one with tin foil. Make that two, obviously.
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      3 pages and nobody has asked about the 'log cabin'.



        You're likely to be incorrect about WiFi repeaters not working.

        Install directional antennae on your respective kit and/or install Tomato or DD-WRT on your kit. Old wireless routers are sadly better than their newer models in many respects for this purpose.

        Directional antennae will work for quite far distances assuming you have line of sight. The reason for recommending a custom firmware is you can then set the data transfer rate manually and disable error prone technologies, such as stripped headers or custom compression that doesn't work well with longer distance WiFi setups.

        Manually lower the transfer rate from adaptive to 1-2Mbps. 2Mbps is still high enough to stream HD video with a reasonable buffer at the start.