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Mac OS Catalina

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    Originally posted by SimonMac View Post
    I'm on the Beta, pissed at the changes to iTunes, now Music doesn't export it's playlists as an xml so can't be used on the SONOS
    It can still generate iTunesLibrary.xml (or whatever it's called), it just doesn't use it itself so you have to generate it if you want it. See Update To Catalina? Here's How To Manually Export Your Music.app As XML - DJ TechTools for details

    And tell Sonos that the iTunesLibrary API has been available since iTunes 11, two years ago or more, so they should have updated their tulip to work with that officially supported API by now


      Originally posted by d000hg View Post
      I have no idea what that means, or implies... Can you elaborate?

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      Explainer of the terminology surrounding APFS: An APFS FAQ: Partitions, Volumes, and AFPS Containers - The Mac Observer

      If I understand correctly, you can create a second container (which is something like a partition but more so), and that in turn can contain a Mac OS boot volume distinct from the one the Mac usually starts up with. Then you can boot into that volume instead (hold down the alt/option/frying-pan-with-levitating-sausage key while booting) should you wish to use older software.

      I don't know if you could then use that second boot volume in the second container to generate a VM so you didn't have to reboot to switch environments, but that would obviously be more convenient. Maybe Parallels or VMWare Fusion can do that?