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OneDrive - losing work

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    OneDrive - losing work

    So I spend hours filling in the most tediously complicated form known to man, click save to save it to my OneDrive folder before I attach it to an email. I open it just to double check everything is ok & guess what? It's completely empty. It would appear all my work vanished into the ether.

    Anyone else had this?

    Welcome to the cloud.....


      Was it a word doc by any chance? When you say you opened it to check it - was that by double clicking on it?

      If so, try browsing to onedrive.live.com and navigate to it from there, then open it there (it will open using Word online, rather than 'full fat' word).

      If that works, download it, save using a different name, then continue as normal.

      (I've seen this a number of time with SharePoint sites - I think the local temp file for the doc gets busted, so whenever it opens the item, it displays an empty file - but the cloud copy is still fine.)