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Windows 10 laptop sleep

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    Windows 10 laptop sleep

    On my old Windows 7 Dell XPS 15 laptop I'd close the lid, and it would go to sleep. Open the lid again and it would reactivate with everything where I left it once I logged on. Sometimes it'd be left asleep for the whole week and would always instantly come back to life.

    I now have a M3800 (very nice it is too) which I immediately upgraded to Windows 10. Closing the lid makes it go to sleep, and apart from the fact you need to press the power button to reactivate once opened again it restores everything as before, but only if I leave it for a short time. If I leave it more than a few minutes when I reactivate it's lost its sleep state and boots Windows afresh. Everything works fine, there's nothing to suggest anything has crashed or gone wrong, it just isn't working as expected.

    Whether this is this laptop or Windows 10 I've no idea. I dug around the power settings, and there was something about sleep going into hibernate after a certain time, but I've put that up to 10,000 minutes and it doesn't help. I updated to the latest BIOS, and googling doesn't turn up anything that sounds like the same issue.

    Any thoughts? Anyone got Windows 10 on a laptop?
    Will work inside IR35. Or for food.

    Running Windows 10 on a Lenovo W530 and it works as expected when closing the lid. I've left it for a couple of days before now and it just resumes as it should do.

    Did a clean build though rather than an upgrade.
    Have you tried switching it off and back on again??


      Ta. I doubt it's Windows 10 as it must be something that's happening whilst it's asleep. I could try restoring it to the factory Windows 7, but I don't care that much.
      Will work inside IR35. Or for food.