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laptop for student

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    Originally posted by SueEllen View Post
    She can connect it to a TV if she's on it longer. (That's if she buys one or takes one with her.)

    All the youngsters I know are happy with small laptops they can carry around.

    A few actually have macbooks though most are hand me downs.
    Good point SueEllen, she does have a TV, and at 24 inch would probs make a great monitor


      I think you'll be making a mistake with an underspecced laptop. Those Celerons, once they did a bit of SW loaded on to them plus some background programs (for digital camera, music downloading) plus a couple of inevitable bits of Malware are really really slow. I've known nearly-new ones take 5 mins to boot up and they can barely run IE. Very slow to wake from sleep too.

      You'll need 4GB RAM minimum and an i5 minimum. My daughter started Uni with her trusty old HP and ended up with a Mac Air. I should have got her the Mac to start with, the HP was a pain and I was always removing crapware from it and ended up upgrading it to plenty of memory and an SSD. It was still poor and crashed/locked frequently.

      Just my 2c but if you get her a Mac Air now you'll be saving a lot of time and trouble and an inevitable replacement later.

      EDIT: plus she'll be chuffed as nuts to get a new Mac. Don't forget that you (she) can get a student discount too!