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  • psv
    started a topic Negative tax on employee payslip

    Negative tax on employee payslip

    Hi All,

    I recently started a contact after being in permanent employment for 4+ years. I'm operating through a LTD company as director. I'm using Primo Payroll (free version).

    I updated previous income and tax deducted as per P45 on Primo payroll. I'm using standard tax...
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  • psv
    started a topic Payroll query

    Payroll query

    Hi All,

    I'm new to this forum and this is my very first post/query.

    My permanent role was made redundant a couple of months ago. I used to contract few years ago via my own Limited company which has been in dormant state for last 3 years. Last month (Sept) I started a...
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  • inside IR35 payroll contract, but unlimited financial risk


    I'm wading through my first inside IR35 contract at the moment - which is a weird 3 way contract between a payroll company, the "employment business" (the recruiter), and me personally. I'm used to signing contracts as a limited company, I have insurance in case things...
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  • Non-UK Resident and Non-EU Citizen Spouse as Salaried Employee in Holland?

    I wish to employ my spouse as a salaried employee in my UK limited company. She's a non-EU citizen, resident in Holland where she has a work permit, and never lived in the UK. Is it possible to have a UK employment contract with her while working as overseas staff, so that she is subject to UK ta...
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  • fwd
    started a topic Accounting & Pay for 1 week in the tax year

    Accounting & Pay for 1 week in the tax year

    Hi, In the tax year of 2016/17 I only worked the final week of the year, (last week in April).

    My invoice for the year was 2,750+550 VAT= 3,300 in total.

    I am on the flat rate scheme @ 14%, what’s the treatment to get the maximum. Appreciate if someone could provide...
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  • dotcom12
    started a topic Employing wife

    Employing wife

    HI, I just wanted to get the forums thoughts on employing my wife through the ltd company. My wife doesn't work and it seems to make economical sense to employ her through the company in order to utilise the personal allowance as well as getting her assistance for administrative tasks.

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  • Netherlands Contract. Recommend managment/payroll services?


    I have recently obtained a new contract in the Netherlands and I have been advised as my contract will be 1 year plus that I have to go via a management/payroll solution.

    Does anyone have any recommendations on a company that will sort out all payroll related stuff...
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  • seanraaron
    started a topic "Huge" umbrella company problems

    "Huge" umbrella company problems

    Let me apologise in advance for the length of this post. Believe me if it was a full transcript it would be a lot longer!

    I only started contracting last November and I'm already seeing some serious issues with my umbrella company around areas of tax withholding and expenses that have...
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  • sumes
    started a topic Contracting in Denmark

    Contracting in Denmark

    I'm in the process of applying for a contract in Denmark. I will be in Denmark around 80% of my time so am aware I can't use my UK limited. The agency has told me that I must use a payroll company from their approved approved list of supppliers. I've spoken to a couple of these companies one of which...
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    Last edited by sumes; 21 November 2014, 19:56.

  • Cpo
    started a topic Dividends or PAYE

    Dividends or PAYE

    I've recently started contracting and setup a limited company. I got an accountant who advised me to take dividends at quarterly intervals and that he didn't think it necessary to setup payroll. When I asked him what about national insurance contributions he said something along the lines of, at the...
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  • Contractor PAYE/ place of business whilst abroad


    I was working full time as a contractor directly for a UK company for more or less a year. The company processed my payment through their payroll (initially via bank transfer and later via cheque), deducted my tax and NI and everyone was happy.

    My contract came to...
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  • Contracting in Amsterdam – Payroll rates validation

    Hi ContractorUK Forum,

    I am in the process of taking a contract in Amsterdam (6 months) for the first time. Having to put a lot of trust in the agency and payroll company.

    Please can someone validate that I am not being ripped off.

    Payroll company monthly...
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