Founding father of the EU moves step closer to being declared a SAINT: Vatican official says Robert Schuman's 'heroic virtues' could be recognised by the Pope this summer
  • Robert Schuman, twice PM of France, is known as the 'Father of Europe'
  • He helped forge deep economic ties between nations after WWII
  • Pope Francis could recognise these 'heroic virtues' as early as June
  • Key stage to sainthood which still requires the attribution of two miracles

Suggestions so far..

1. Publish a decent set of accounts for the EU.
2. Convincing people the EU isn't the fourth Reich.
3. Getting vaccination over 30% in the EU.
4. deciding whether to live in Strasbourg or Brussels
5. Not letting on what Vlad asked for to get access the Sputnik variant.
6. Slowing down the GB vaccine roll out appreciably.


Personally I would canonise Dr Oppenheimer the father of MAD and the real reason for decades of peace.