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Late for an interview

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    Late for an interview

    I had an interview last week.

    I arrived 15 minutes early.

    HR were grumpy because they had given up waiting for me in Reception and so had to go back for me.

    I've just got the email from the agent saying "sorry - I've been away. Turn up at least 20 minutes before the interview."

    Is it illegal to firebomb a recruitment agencies premises? If so, would I get done? If so, would the jury let me off? If so, any volunteers to help?
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    First day of my current gig I had to twiddle my thumbs for the first hour (and not charge for it) because the agent hadn't passed on the message asking me to start at 10am.
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      I went for an interview for Laing O'Rourke and I waited 10 mins and then the security guard said "the CIO is running late, she will be down in a minute or so"...30 mins later and another couple of comments from the CIO's PA...after 1hr 30 I gave up and went home...

      The CIO phoned me at home to tell me her PA had not told her that I was in reception and could I go back the following day. I was tempted not to but I went and did get the gig...but FFS, you would have to sack that PA...
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