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I've always liked Claire Short...

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    I've always liked Claire Short...

    ... NOT.

    But she's just gone way up in my estimation.


    I've always liked Claire Short...
    doing what, sitting on your face?




        Are you shure it wasn't him


          I'm sure Bob Geldof knew all along his efforts will not make any direct financial difference. He's said on many an occassion the aim is to heighten awareness and to try and influence the politicians.

          The way he shames of some of the African leaders I think can be useful. The Ethiopian leader recently for example.

          Geldof has literally saved many Africans in the past who would have surely died without his prior campaigns and efforts. I can understand how this motivates him to want to continue albeit in different ways. He hasn't got his head in the clouds over this and has a pragmatic head on his shoulders.

          Yes he went over the top with the Ebay thing but as IDS said on QT last night, "what the hell - people are dying".

          I feel there are two fundamental reasons why 'political efforts' are unlikely to work in Africa. Debt relief is a red herring 'cos once the relief is given, those African countries will soon start borrowing again from other sources.

          The African governence is what causes the overwhelming volume of poverty. And short of physically deposing such leaders I fail to see what else the West can do to help those in need of it in Africa.

          Fairer trade.
          Many of those advocating fairer trade only do so with the unspoken qualification (or assumption), "as long as it doesn't affect my job". Also, a big problem African farmers contend with, is land ownership which as you might expect is something most African governments heavily resist.

          For those who have some lasting experience of Africa know that the defining feature of Africa, is that it never changes.


            You guys are talking about it, news programs are talking about it ... awareness has obviously been raised, a success I would say


              awareness has obviously been raised
              Good, we can get back on with our own lives now without having to worry about Africa