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Cheap Flights to USA

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    Cheap Flights to USA

    Any good pointers, whats the cheapest..?

    Flying to Houston from Aberdeen in July

    best I can come up with is KLM

    1430 UKP for 2 return.

    have tried the Edinburgh and Glasgow routs, and Kelco, lastminuit.(ripoff).com and a host of others but cant beat the KLM direct price. Any of you worldbeaters have any real cheap places up your sleeve that you would share..?

    Real contractors fly business class. Cheapest indeed....:rolleyes


      Yes, but Im paying for this one myself , and finding it hard to part with said pounds if there is an alternative. I would fly with the pigs if I have to


        British Airways had a deal a couple of weeks ago.

        Iceland air usually have good deals as well - then it just depends.

        Probably cheapest to fly down to London then get a cheap deal from there rather than try direct from Aberdeen.


          A BMIBaby/ryanair flight to Heathrow or Manchester might give you more choice.