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Cheap cost of living

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    Cheap cost of living

    For those thinking of fleeing this Chav and Pikey infested isle of Socialist tosspots, here is a list of the most expensive to cheapest places to live in the world.


    Here's the results for 2005:

    1 Tokyo, Japan
    2 Osaka, Japan
    3 London, United Kingdom
    4 Moscow, Russia
    5 Seoul, South Korea
    6 Geneva, Switzerland
    7 Zurich, Switzerland
    8 Copenhagen, Denmark
    9 Hong Kong, Hong Kong
    10 Oslo, Norway
    11 Milan, Italy
    12 Paris, France
    13 New York City, United States
    13 Dublin, Ireland
    15 St. Petersburg, Russia
    16 Vienna, Austria
    17 Rome, Italy
    18 Stockholm, Sweden
    19 Beijing, China
    20 Sydney, Australia
    20 Helsinki, Finland
    22 Douala, Cameroon
    22 Istanbul, Turkey
    24 Amsterdam, Netherlands
    24 Budapest, Hungary
    26 Abidjan, Côte d'Ivoire
    27 Warsaw, Poland
    28 Prague, Czech Republic
    29 Taipei, Taiwan
    30 Shanghai, China
    31 Bratislava, Slovak Republic
    32 Düsseldorf, Germany
    33 Luxembourg, Luxembourg
    34 Singapore, Singapore
    34 Frankfurt, Germany
    36 Dakar, Senegal
    37 Munich, Germany
    38 Berlin, Germany
    39 Tel Aviv, Israel
    40 Glasgow, United Kingdom
    41 Athens, Greece
    41 Brussels, Belgium
    43 Barcelona, Spain
    44 Los Angeles, United States
    45 White Plains, United States
    46 Madrid, Spain
    47 Birmingham, United Kingdom
    48 Zagreb, Croatia
    49 Hamburg, Germany
    50 Hanoi, Vietnam
    50 San Francisco, United States
    52 Chicago, United States
    52 Beirut, Lebanon
    54 Riga, Latvia
    54 Kiev, Ukraine
    56 Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam
    57 Miami, United States
    58 Algiers, Algeria
    59 Casablanca, Morocco
    60 Tallin, Estonia
    61 Lyon, France
    61 Honolulu, United States
    63 Shenzhen, China
    64 Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
    65 Guangzhou, China
    66 Lisbon, Portugal
    67 Amman, Jordan
    68 Melbourne, Australia
    69 Auckland, New Zealand
    70 Houston, United States
    71 Jakarta, Indonesia
    72 Kuwait City, Kuwait
    73 Dubai, United Arab Emirates
    74 San Juan, Puerto Rico
    75 Almaty, Kazakhstan
    76 Wellington, New Zealand
    76 Ljubljana, Slovenia
    78 Washington, D.C., United States
    79 Boston, United States
    80 Morristown, United States
    81 Sofia, Bulgaria
    82 Toronto, Canada
    83 Atlanta, United States
    84 Brisbane, Australia
    85 Leipzig, Germany
    86 Manama, Bahrain
    87 Vancouver, Canada
    88 Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
    89 Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
    89 Adelaide, Australia
    91 Vilnius, Lithuania
    91 Accra, Ghana
    93 Perth, Australia
    94 Denver, United States
    95 Mexico City, Mexico
    96 Lagos, Nigeria
    97 Cairo, Egypt
    98 Calgary, Canada
    99 Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
    100 Limassol, Cyprus
    101 Detroit, United States
    102 St. Louis, United States
    103 Seattle, United States
    103 Bucharest, Romania
    105 Kingston, Jamaica
    105 Mumbai, India
    107 Montreal, Canada
    108 Guatemala City, Guatemala
    109 Cleveland, United States
    110 New Delhi, India
    111 Pittsburgh, United States
    112 Portland (Ore.), United States
    113 Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei
    114 Panama City, Panama
    115 Monterrey, Mexico
    116 Johannesburg, South Africa
    117 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
    118 Lima, Peru
    119 Nairobi, Kenya
    119 Winston-Salem, United States
    119 São Paulo, Brazil
    122 Ottawa, Canada
    123 Lusaka, Zambia
    124 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
    125 Bangkok, Thailand
    126 Tunis, Tunisia
    127 Dacca (Dhaka), Bangladesh
    128 Santiago, Chile
    129 Tehran, Iran
    130 Blantyre, Malawi
    131 Tianjin, China
    132 Colombo, Sri Lanka
    133 Bogotá, Colombia
    134 Harare, Zimbabwe
    135 San José, Costa Rica
    136 Karachi, Pakistan
    137 Quito, Ecuador
    138 Chennai (Madras), India
    138 Caracas, Venezuela
    140 Montevideo, Uruguay
    141 Bangalore, India
    142 Buenos Aires, Argentina
    143 Manila, Philippines
    144 Asunción, Paraguay

    Given the IT situation I would say number 141 is our best bet....

    Oslo cheaper than Moscow..:lol

    What twa7s do these surveys?


      What twa7s do these surveys?
      Moscow is a very expensive city. Some things are cheap (public transport), but other than that prices are very similar to London.


        I think its costed on business people staying in big chain ( rip off ) hotels that pretty much charge full whack wherever you are. Hanoi is on there at 50ish and you can stay in a 5 star hotel for £100 a night there, but go round the corner and you'll get a good local 4 star + for £8, slap up meal and few lagers for a few quid, new suit for a tenner, etc etc


          144 Asunción, Paraguay

          Cheapest to live in. Must be all that German efficiency.


            They should always compare the cost of living to the average salary, otherwise it makes no sense.


              They should always compare the cost of living to the average salary, otherwise it makes no sense.
              It does if you are a traveller, especially a contractor.

              What you are suggesting is a comparison of the standard of living, of city dwellers.


                "It does if you are a traveller, especially a contractor. "

                Well, those statistics should take into account only common goods for people living there. It shouldn't really include hotelling or touristic expenses (i.e. the cost of living in Bulgaria or Estonia is quite well different from the cost of "travelling" in Estonia or Bulgaria).

                "What you are suggesting is a comparison of the standard of living"

                Well, no, just the real cost of living (instead of the nominal one), that is compared to the average salary.



                  What you are suggesting is a comparison of the standard of living, of city dwellers.
                  Could do what The Economist does and use their Big Mac index (they use it to identify over/under valued currencies on the basis that the cost of a Big Mac is more or less constant as regards the amount of purchasing power relative to average wages needed to buy one). It has proved to be alarmingly accurate.


                    Franco, this list indicates the absolute cost of living, which is far more useful to me.

                    If I go to different places, it indicates how much it is going to cost me while I am there. It is one of the first things I used to ask agents about foreign contracts, and one of the first things I'd find out about holiday destinations.

                    If I consider a contract in Tokyo, I now know it is more expensive than Birmingham, so I need a higher fee to cover it. However, I also know to consider very carefully before going there on holiday.

                    The real cost of living, as you put it, is academically interesting but bugger all use to me. Actually, telling me that Tokyo is the same/cheaper/more expensive for the average Jap as Birmingham is for the average Brit is not even interesting.