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What's the point in life sentences..

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    especially for fudge packers
    Being near the Devon border, I know a couple of those.

    However, I get the feeling you weren't referring to the local confectionery trade.....



      Two, or ten, concurrent sentences is no different to one.
      I don't have an issue with concurrency -- to fight the problem of someone robbing 10 grandmas and getting 10 concurrent sentences, in effect being one, the court should just give 20-life years to anybody who is judged to be persistent offender.


        Re: concurrency

        at £20K a year for a prisoner, compare that to the massive sums wasted on trying repeat offenders I'm sure the sums would add up.

        Especially if we outsourced our lifers to ex russian states which spend about 30p a day on prisoners in their better prisons.


          russian prisons

          Russian prisons are hell on earth -- it is typical for them to be overpopulated, and by that I don't mean Western meaning of overpopulated, but by having 3 shifts of people to sleep on the same bed. That's right - 45 people stuffed in a cell with 15 beds, sleeping is done in turns.

          What's worse this sort of condition is often used on people who wait for their trial (they have not yet been convicted of anything), this wait can last for years.

          Russian penetantiary system is seriously fked up and it has nothing to do with justice whatsoever: scumbags criminals with connections have good life in prison: have mobile phones, drugs, women smuggled in etc.