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Mambo Italiano!

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    Mambo Italiano!

    Forgot to mention...

    Went to Lucca, Tuscany and Bellagio, Lake Como last few days. Top notch consultants holiday if I may say - great wines, pasta, seafood (Lavarello, a lake fish) and great gelateria artigianale (home made ice cream).

    Drove to Lake Guarda last year in the TVR Tuscan but this time took a plane and train to Como. George Cloony has a villa there but wasn't there this time. However, Amanda Lamb was there doing a report for A Place In The Sun (C4) so watch out for that at the Hotel Belvedere, Bellagio in the Autumn. The producer was a very nice, beautiful blond woman (with her mother) that was very well spoken. Probably worth a poke.

    Bellagio well worth a visit - ordered about 80 bottles of Le Calocchie 2003 and Terre Di Matraja 2003 to ship to the UK from Lucca.

    Shame to be back in this chav-infested isle...

    Who are you, @#%$ Threaded's stand in?



      No, not quite as lardy and certainly don't employ the services of a chim-chimminy sweep.


        Must try harder, hyperD, if you want to challenge Threaded and/or DCJ. Remember, next time you tell the story you had a threesome with the producer and her mother.


          Threesome Lucifer? Christ, her mother looked like one of those hydrating food packs from NASA...



            "Shame to be back in this chav-infested isle.."

            Nice place, Italy, really... if there was only one interesting and decently paid job....

            Ah, also the regular working hours in a week are near 60 if you are paid a little above the average....


              Re: .

              What is the contract market like there Franco?


                Re: Nice place, Italy

                I must admit Italy sounds great, but the only opportunities there that came my way were low paid.

                At least the Italians don't have to worry about the weak lira any more. Not that they did.


                  Re: .

                  "What is the contract market like there Franco?"

                  Awful. The highest paid contracts in an expensive town like Milan are of 250 euros a day (that's unless you have a big network and can go direct to the client). The taxes overall can even surpass 50% and the typical stratagem of the company is to use people as permanent employees (in all terms and conditions) while giving them temporary contracts with no more security or money.

                  Really, the best opportunities are as directors, whose salaries are almost in line with the equivalent salaries in europe. Mind you, a lot of sh1t has to pass through the bridge before you become a director, as italians don't like young directors and age is considered an important factor.


                    Re: .

                    Franco, a friend once told me that in Italy you have job competitions...?