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Blair suffers rebuke over lobbying

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    Originally posted by AlfredJPruffock
    On the topic of gold, I have ben pondering whether to include this glorious commodity in my Portfolio, to balance my perhaps over addiction to Oil , which Ive made quite a few bob on inthe recent past.
    Apparently the availability of many minerals and metals from ore deposits is reducing in the same sort of way as oil, in that projected rates of extraction will use up all the known deposits within a few decades. For example, 25% of all known copper deposits have already been mined.

    I suppose it's not quite the same as oil, as metals can be recycled to a large extent, and in fifty years or whenever there will probably be ample supplies available from the asteroid belt or somewhere.

    But failing that, we'll have to wait a hundred million years or two until continental drift has turned over a load of new crust to mine.
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      Where the feck is Kyrgyzstan? Is it near Essex?

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