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Car park killer avoids jail term

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    the judge was only too happy to lock the teacher away who dared to fire an air gun at local yobs
    She never shot at them. She threatened them with a loaded air pistol, them "fired" it into the ground.


      She never shot at them
      That makes it even worse. I don't condone using weapons to make threats, but in this case it was clearly an example of an essentially decent woman "acting out of character" in order to protect her property against a gang of yobbos.

      Between these two cases, which one is more deserving of prison?


        Personally I think any time someone causes death through a deliberate act, there should be a custodial sentence, even if its only a short period, to make it clear to them that they are guilty of a crime. I bet the perpetrator is, even now, saying to herself "I didn't really do anything wrong, otherwise they'd have put me in prison", and before long that will have changed to "I was in the right, the bitch deserved what she got".

        When you consider that people can be (and regularly are) put in prison for causing death negligently (i.e. they had no intent to cause harm to anyone, but they did not take reasonable care to prevent the harm occurring), then it seems unfair that someone who deliberately sets out to harm someone else gets a lesser sentence.


          Mailmannz, do you still get grazed knuckles?
          Only when giving your momma some action spod :rollin