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Russian Outsourcing

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    Russian Outsourcing

    Russia: A rising star in outsourcing?

    This articles reminds me of a thread I had with AtW some time ago.

    The country has many advantages:

    Russia has a large population, a strong education system, and is physically close to both the US and Europe.
    Russia has traditionally had a reputation for producing
    talented guys who know how to do complex stuff
    Only two real disadvantages: poor image and too expensive.

    I've put projects up on rent-a-coder before.

    You get lots of Indians offering to do the work and quite a few eastern europeans.

    Difference is the Indians quite obviously have no clue as to what you actually want, say they've done it already, can be delivered in 2 days and will cost $10.

    The eastern europeans, explain how they will approach it, ask sensible questions, offer up example work, make suggestions as to improve it and quote $2,000

    Considering what I wanted was pretty complex and at least a months work, I know which outsourcers I'd go with....


      So SW when are we going to open our outsourcing company Russia and eastern-europe based?


        I think one of the biggest problems is infrastructure

        I cant speak for the russian federation but I was thinking of doing something with some guys in Belarus.

        AFAIK no broadband and Secret Service in every ISP monitoring emails and all that. I have had cases of emails being edited before they got to me.


          So SW when are we going to open our outsourcing company Russia and eastern-europe based?
          Franco, I presume you mean WS rather than SW...Interesting idea. It could be a Russian/Lithuanian venture.

          I like it, Franco, I like it!



            I'd only go for that if I did not care about security and safety of the source code. Open Source is good for it -- big corporations could have hired for nothing thousands of programmers working on Open Source projects.