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Contracting in Netherlands

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    Contracting in Netherlands

    I've been offered a contract in the Netherlands. Wondering if anyone can tap into their grey matter & make useful recommendations on company setup, taxation position, finding accomodation, etc?

    Been contracting in the UK for several years & thought I'd try to grab some culture while it was on offer.


    Hi Doc,

    I suggest you look at http://www.expatica.com/netherlands/ and follow the links. There are useful and accurate articles on taxation, finding accommodation etc.

    Which part of NL are you going to be in? If it's in the Groningen area then I can give you some local knowledge about apartments, good pubs etc.

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      Try this one. It's an Aussie contractor site, but I assume the rules are the same. I looked at this a few months ago (was put forward for a 12 monther in The Hague) and decided the tax was way too high to make it worthwhile. You can't use your ltd co either, for tax reasons you need to be through a Dutch registered company. Feckin Dutch
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        tax minefield

        Hi just come back from 9yrs in Holland, hubby is IT recruitment director. Use the Expatica site its up to date, tax law does its own sweet thing there. Reckon you need to set up as a limited company the you can apply for the 30% rule (don't pay tax on the first 30% of earnings) this lasts for up to 10 years (have to reaply after 5) basically the company has to write off on your behalf saying they couldn't get anyone from Holland to do the job so they had to have you! . Health law has just changed (according to Dutch in-laws) you must have this - ONVZ is excellent company. Dutch estate agents or Makelars are lazy bastards, they will try and charge you for getting on a list of properties before they become advertised, this isn't really necessary, just bug them.(they don't work saturdays) Basically the Dutch need kicking up the arse to get anything done and be prepared to jaw dropping rudeness, just do it back. Lastly if going to stay for a long time a contract cannot be extended more than 3 times before you turn into a permanent employee and they basically you have to kill someone before they can fire you. Employee law is excellent you are very safe there much better than uk.