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Oh dear...

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    Oh dear...

    Words fail me:

    Your parents ruin the first half of your life and your kids ruin the second half


      Originally posted by EddieC

      Don't worry the Tag looks fine on you!....though I'm not sure about the skirt!


        bit long for me.....the skirt.
        SA says;
        Well you looked so stylish I thought you batted for the other camp - thats like the ultimate compliment!

        I couldn't imagine you ever having a hair out of place!

        n5gooner is awarded +5 Xeno Geek Points.
        (whatever these are)


          Agreed absolutely incredible!

          2 Choices. Tag or Remand centre.

          NOTE TO BITCH. Short skirts are not prison uniform, though she may be popular with the Bull Dykes if she insists.
          I am not qualified to give the above advice!

          The original point and click interface by
          Smith and Wesson.

          Step back, have a think and adjust my own own attitude from time to time