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I've had a telling off

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    I've had a telling off

    So after my highly successful targeted mailing campaign I get a phone call from my ISP. One of the recipients filed a complaint about receiving the mail.

    I made some bull up about buying an opt in list from a company and they bought it. - They would not tell me the mail address of the complainant (shame because they would have felt the need to buy some watches or viagra)

    I've never complained to the originating ISP of targeted mailing - The company must have had more time than work when they received it.
    Throw them to the lions - WC2 5.4

    What do they hope to achieve? By complaining to the ISP who has not passed on their details, you can't but 'inadvertently' email them again because you don't know who to remove from your mailing list!



      but I thought you checked this defore sending out the email - I thought we had said you could send one lot out so there were not classed as spam.....
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