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Whens the by election?

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    Whens the by election?

    I see Curious George Galloway has been reported to the Serious Fraud Office so they can look in to the serious allegations made against him.

    The sooner this f*cker is found guilty of a crime (any crime will do, Im not fussy ) the better cause that means he can never run for parliament again!

    Anyway...I was doing some research in to setting up a charity (for you poor contractors of course) when I came across some stuff about the Miriam Appeal that Curious George had set up. Firstly...it was never registered as an official charity. Now you have to ask yourself the question, why would he do that? Especially when you consider that for every pound collected in donations the government will give you 28p!

    These goons had raised nearly one million pounds so why would you pass up the chance of getting a "free" £280,000? The simple answer is, charity was never these goons first priority.

    Of course the other reason is that if they were a charity they would have to open their books up for auditing which would then very quickly show where the money was coming from.

    In fact when the charity commision did investigate the appeal in 2003 they couldnt find the books. The books had mysteriously disappeared and the appeal admitted the books had been sent to Jordan and then on to Baghdad? HAHAHAHAHA...why would this so called charity send their books out of the country? What were they hiding?

    Anyway...the sooner this f*cker is locked up the better. English politics would be all the better for it. Just a pitty they no longer hang treasonus scum like him!


    Blair is petrified of Galloway as he is determined to take him to the International War Crimes Tribunul in the Haugue, so no suprise that Blairs chums are trying to nail him, but as the Telegraph found out to their great cost, there is no proof which will stand up in court.

    By the way MM , am I correct in thinking you are not a UK citizen?


      My MP

      Hey he is my MP actually.

      Not that I care or GAF but as far as his integrity and honesty goes, he is a politician so that shoudl immediately disqualify him from the above attributes

      I dont want him out of politics because he is entertaining.... he is a total thug. And owing to this I doubt he would get far in mainstream politics.

      And if he is so guilty..... and yes there are clearly irregularities, why the deafening silence from the US senate, at his challenge for them to prosecute him?

      Everybody that went near this free for all at the expense of the Iraqis is corrupt and rotten to the core.

      He will be safe from prosecution as what he knows about all the sh1t that went on with Oils for Food will protect him.

      He may go commit suicide in the woods however like our mate David Kelly, but I am sure he has covered his @rse there too.
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        I'd like to see him spend a day with the troops in Iraq...

        That would be fun.

        Older and ...well, just older!!


          Originally posted by ratewhore
          I'd like to see him spend a day with the troops in Iraq...

          That would be fun.

          Given the chance I can imagine the army lads would kick hell out of Blair for his brazen lies to justify the War which has led to a heavy loss of life.


            It's a shame they can't lock him up with no charge for 90 days.


              ha ha ha - must have been down the pub, I read this thread as "where's my erection."
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              Well you looked so stylish I thought you batted for the other camp - thats like the ultimate compliment!

              I couldn't imagine you ever having a hair out of place!

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