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It took just 11 seconds...

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    It took just 11 seconds...

    ... to announce on the ITV News local bulletin that Edinburgh council is to backtrack on its hugely expensive campaign of closing roads and putting up retracting bollards, as part of a supposed traffic management scheme, which had "increased congestion"... "it is unclear if anyone will resign over the multi-million pound scheme"... the bollards in question have only been operating for about 3 weeks. Any moron could see that closing major roads during peak times was going to cause chaos. Homer Simpson would make a more informed decision.

    Now, if you or I were responsible for burning a pile of a few million in cash of the local populations coffers, we'd be looking at a fair old stretch at one of Her Majesty's Prisons....

    Ah, the joys of paying council tax...... ironically, if you do go to jail, or are clinically insane, you dont have to pay it.

    However, if you might fit in to one the aforementioned categories, you are actually allowed to spend it.

    Qu'elle suprise.. as they say in Algeria... and certain parts of Paris...
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    Vieze Oude Man

    quelle surprise
    We must strike at the lies that have spread like disease through our minds