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What's up with the perl market?

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    Originally posted by zeitghost
    I remember dBase II...
    Yes, me too - in USSR they ripped it off and used in Unis as "Rebus" - the interesting thing about dBase ][ is that there was no dBase I - the guy who made it thought it would be good marketing trick to pretend it is 2nd version of the product and thus it is more reliable: no wonder Microsoft switched to versions like Windows 2000!

    Originally posted by threaded
    Made quite a bit of easy money going around and increasing the number of handles in the DOS system.ini, IIRC.
    You mean config.sys!


      Originally posted by threaded
      And didn't it first come out as dBase II, there never actually ever being a dBase I?
      Correct. They thought it would sound more advanced if it was taken to be the second version.
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