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Car fuel additives - Do you use one?

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    Originally posted by Paddy View Post

    If it works for you, that's great. Using additives may be covering up issues with your engine not self adjusting to the differences in fuel. The performance of my engine fell and it was only after I thought "Oh f-it, I don't trust the garage and I will go over everything myself" the engine then ran super fine, no lumpy tick-over, MPG shot up and was greater than the manufactures figures etc. I think my engine would run fine on shoe polish.
    I would very much love to fix the car myself like you do but I lack necessary knowledge and practical expertise. Looking into "Diploma in Transport Maintenance IMI VRQ L1" part-time. I am 50+, Happy to learn something other than IT but most of the courses are aimed for 16-19 age group. Not sure if it is suitable for me :-) or where to find one.
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