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Ultra secure cybersecurity company hacked

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    Ultra secure cybersecurity company hacked

    Cybersecurity giant FireEye says it was hacked by a nation-state - Business Insider

    FireEye, one of the world's leading cybersecurity firms, disclosed Tuesday that its systems were hacked by "a nation with top-tier offensive capabilities."

    The firm has been on the forefront of the fight against cybercriminals for years, tracking advanced threat actors and defending companies and government agencies against cyberattacks.

    The hackers compromised FireEye and stole its internal hacking tools using "a novel combination of techniques not witnessed by us or our partners in the past," CEO Kevin Mandia said in a blog post Tuesday.

    FireEye did not disclose how or when the attack occured, or who could have been behind it. But the FBI is now investigating Russian state-backed hackers in connection with the attack, the New York Times reported.
    Russians getting the blame. I guess it could be a false flag operation by the Chinese.
    I design idiot proof software. Trouble is, they keep making better idiots.

    Chinese hackers don't care about tulip being attributed to them


      At least the UK is ruled out.


        Originally posted by Old Greg View Post
        At least the UK is ruled out.
        It might have been the UK, but they offshored it.
        When freedom comes along, don't PISH in the water supply.....


          Originally posted by TestMangler View Post
          It might have been the UK, but they offshored it.
          No, because if it was the case it would have been an expensive failure


            Exclusive: U.S. Treasury breached by hackers backed by foreign government - sources | Reuters

            The hack is so serious it led to a National Security Council meeting at the White House on Saturday, said one of the people familiar with the matter.
            I design idiot proof software. Trouble is, they keep making better idiots.


              It's a false flag operation, which is self-evident from the Glorious Russian Leaders' image put onto new 100 dollar bill.


                See my post here:


                The highest likelihood is Russia, for a number of reasons, including the modus operandi.

                FireEye being attacked - knowing them, as I do - is incredible and impressive. The list of public entities and private companies is so large that I am genuinely worried that core financial institutions we need to operate the UK and USA may be severely affected. It isn't the hack that is the issue, it is the customized nature of it and the likelihood of one hack just being the entry to a highly secure range of networks. Other malware and vulnerabilities are often placed silently in a range of services whilst the floodgates are open.

                The floodgates have been open for many months.

                The lack of discussion here about this has made me realize that even technical contractors don't yet understand the seriousness of what has occurred. If you're working at a client site now you should be getting a team readied TODAY to tackle the outcome of this IF they have had SolarWinds or have recently decommissioned and removed it from the network.


                  Yeah, of course it’s Russia, and why the heck not if risks are zero and reward potentially very high? It’s their fecking paid job to hack such targets and they are doing their job, and who isn’t doing the job of deterring such hostile activities? That’s the real question



                    Perhaps the US could send some digestive biscuits to the Kremlin and ask nicely? Short of continued tangible threats and action I don't know what deterrence would work. The main issue now is that if the US intelligence agencies receive authorization to disable many Russian core infrastructure assets, then it seems they may be able to reciprocate. One thing Russia doesn't have is good infrastructure and a plan B or C. I feel sorry for the people living there, having visited myself. It's a tuliphole, even in Moscow, unless you are well connected and rich. I'm only glad that nowhere in developed countries do we see such misinformation and poverty as they see in Russia. The average age of male death says all we need to know.

                    Throughout the world at transit interconnects, within carrier networks, traffic is monitred by UK's GCHQ and the USA's NSA. When the Russian government state they aren't a part of a hack, well, that part is difficult to dispute. However it is absolutely possible to prove that the packets used to complete the hack came from Russia. Given that multiple VPNs and TOR will have been used, it is a more complex task to piece the information together - but piece the intelligence agencies will and it will be demonstrable that the Russian government was involved in this, if that is indeed the case.

                    China has a flourishing private sector and I do not believe they would wish to have tit-for-tat attacks, especially towards private sector businesses. What does Russia have? I can count the tech and products I've used from Russia on one hand. Well, on one finger actually.

                    It's about time that the west considers cutting off Russia from the internet once the evidence is in on this longer term hack that has ocurred. Given most fair countries own the transit points and interconnects it seems the only way to resolve Russia behaving rogue. They are a fossiel fuel powerhouse, but that is it. They don't have much to offer other countries, the food is extremely poor and the populace seem happy to accept it being this way. A few years hard labour on the Russian government seems fair enough.
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