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DIY in our Block FFS

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    Originally posted by TestMangler View Post
    Lucky you don't live anywhere near me

    I've got a 1.1KW PA system, several synths and a load of guitars and amps set up in my front room. The neighbours are lovin' it
    The Chunt of Chunts.


      All day man all day.


      Mrs MM has retreated to the bedroom, it's intolerable.

      You might suggest going and reasoning with him, would seem good, positive, advice, may even get some of that on here

      Unfortunately he's a feckin dimwit.
      For example:-

      Our electric completely blew one night, everything.

      The electrian was very helpful and asked if there had been water ingress from the flat above.
      I said I was unsure, but I didn't think so.

      Luckily we had a wireless light fitted, by him, which isolated the kitchen from the rest of the flats circuit.

      Just as well, as I walked in one night weeks later and water was pisssing through the light fitting in the kitchen.

      I switched our trip and my Mrs headed upstairs.
      I had to take over shortly after as by this point he had followed her to our front door.

      I stepped in and naturally tore him a new one.

      Only things of note he said was "You don't know it was me" , "You can't prove it" ... etc.

      The worst thing is he had told Mrs MM he had to go and switch off his kitchen tap, in the first instance, when she was first at his door.

      As I say a total ****wit, I then found he is something to do with running the flat owners association.

      As I said earlier FFS.

      The Chunt of Chunts.


        gie 'im a kiss.
        of the time honoured weegie variety.


          Hammer drill. 7 o'clock Sunday morning. Drill into the ceiling
          Hammer drill. 9 o'clock Sunday evening. Drill into the ceiling
          Repeat daily
          Brexit is having a wee in the middle of the room at a house party because nobody is talking to you, and then complaining about the smell.


            It stopped shortly after posting on here, maybe he felt bad, bad, vibes
            The Chunt of Chunts.


              Originally posted by MrMarkyMark View Post
              It stopped shortly after posting on here, maybe he felt bad, bad, vibes
              maybe he thought i might pop round.


                Feel good thread of the day this was.
                "Never argue with stupid people, they will drag you down to their level and beat you with experience". Mark Twain