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The Official AMD shares thread

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    97.63 USD +2.85 (3.01%)


      Price at US close, price at US close!

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        Will AMD's Stock Reach $200 By 2022?

        10 times increase would do me nicely


          96.02 USD +1.24 (1.31%)


            Originally posted by AtW View Post
            96.02 USD +1.24 (1.31%)

            Gratz.. Im looking at 15% drops on both Biontech and Virgin Galactic. Took my eye off the ball. Expensive. Anyone thoughts on where either of these two might go next?
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              Originally posted by northernladuk View Post
              Anyone thoughts on where either of these two might go next?
              If only we had the charts


                Originally posted by DimPrawn View Post
                In the CPU space, AMD have feck all market share. Intel is the daddy.

                In the GPU space, AMD are big players, but the massive gains in share price were driven by GPU mining of tulipcoins. Now that has died, who is going to be buying shed loads of high end graphic cards for PC's?

                Answer - no one.

                Based on this AMD are toast at current share prices.

                HTH BIDI
                IBD 50 Stocks To Watch: AMD Stock Sets New Buy Point After 100% Surge This Year


                  97.50 USD +2.72 (2.87%)

                  50 mins to go before the identity of this cheeky sockie is confirmed!


                    97.16 USD +2.38 (2.51%)

                    21 mins and 17 secs


                      Market closed...

                      Originally posted by _V_ View Post
                      It will not go above 95 this year. If it does, I will ban myself for 3 months.
                      97.12 USD +2.34 (2.47%)

                      've it!

                      The terms of the agreement were that you'll have to start posting using main DimPrawn handle for at least 3 months, starting now!