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Eye watering car repair

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    Originally posted by Gumbo Robot View Post
    Yep, 2 days labour needed.
    To change injectors ? Where are they ? On the moon ?
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      Originally posted by TestMangler View Post
      The injectors themselves would cost about £800 roughly, so seems excessive, but they'll be charging dealer prices for parts and dealer labour.
      Originally posted by Gumbo Robot View Post
      Yep, 2 days labour needed.
      I got quoted £38 + per injector for my 4x4 as an exchange & Diesel Bob is well known in the industry
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        My EGR valve went on the mighty Mondeo. Dreadful quotes and sucking of teeth, after spending £7 on a OBDII reader I got the fault codes. Ten minutes with the hose off and my fingers moving the valve back & forward like I was getting NLYUK started up and it was all fixed. Many thanks to the ford forums.

        so spend time or money.
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          Modern EGR valves are notorious for coking up and stopping the valve from opening properly, usually you can get away with taking EGR off and giving a good clean with brake cleaner and all is well again

          Its weird that for an EGR fault they say you need to fix your injectors! unless its a completely separate fault

          Injectors can be refurbished at around a £100/injector and its usually no more than an hour or 2 to get the injectors out depending on how much crap they have to pull out of the way to get to them. But Injector faults usually manifest themselves as the car won't start as they are leaking back and can't maintain a high enough pressure required by the modern common rail diesels in order to start.

          As mentioned previously have a look on The Good Garage Scheme: Good Garage Scheme for a recommended independent in your area and get a 2nd opinion


            Originally posted by Gumbo Robot View Post
            Ok, so I had a problem with the EGR valve on my Rav4 & got a warning on the dashboard.

            Took it the dealer & they said that the particular fault code indicated that I need 4 new fuel injectors, among other things. All to the tune of £2250. They arrived at this by following some diagnostic flow chart & took them 4 hours to reach that conclusion.

            What are you supposed to do when these sorts of things happen? Take their word for it? Go elsewhere to get it done?

            The simple solution would be to buy a new car but I'm moving house & that's the last thing I want to be doing at the moment. I'll just probably keep driving and face the music if it happens again.
            Is that petrol or diesel?
            diesel injectors are more expensive, petrol ones can be refurbed for about £15 to £25 each.
            I got some spare injectors for my bike a while back, they went very cheaply due to being listed as obscure Maserati spares instead of much more in demand Ducati parts!
            Get the EGR valve cleaned (maybe swapped out for a recon?), clear the codes and take it from there.


              Yes diesels are a completely different kettle of fish due to the much higher pressures involved.

              If you get your diesel injectors or fuel pump tested it might be on a rig that uses some software I worked on.
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