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Similar role offered as Outside IR35

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    Originally posted by northernladuk View Post
    I can't see how you can do that. I believe you need to take it to the client if you have an issue but I think it's universally agreed this is not going to work. I can't see why HMRC would be remotely interested if the client has done an SDS and it's shown inside. It's up to the client and even if the factors point to outside the client can still dictate inside and there is nothing I can see that you can do about it. The client can just turn around and say no substitutes and you are done at the point anyway so also finding it difficult to find a situation where the client says inside but it's truly outside.

    You'd have to pick some very real and detailed situations to investigate that because as a single line question it's a none starter.
    Yup, as I feared.

    As to the bit in bold, the HMRC were interested in, and capable of, reversing an Outside decision when made by the contractor in times past. This is not meant to sound whiney but, I would have thought in the new world a bit of, Fair's Fair could be permitted here to allow for both the contract and the reality to be reviewed later in the day once the estate is better understood and not just guessed at - just as the HMRC were permitted to do.

    Oh well. For my part, am sticking it out to get Outside gigs only.



      Originally posted by eek View Post

      NI is paid for the period in which it is due (i.e. that week, that fortnight, that month).

      I can't see any easy way of claiming it back and there aren't many very difficult ways...