Join The CV & Interview Advisors; international speakers (recently on BBC radio) and thought-leaders on all things related to personal branding, self-marketing and finding a new contract, for an exclusive webinar on:

How to write a high impact, contract-winning CV and how to make your LinkedIn profile really work for you.

This 60 min webinar will provide high-quality information on creating a CV and LinkedIn profile that will really open doors. Our webinars are aimed at professional and executives and are much more than a boring top 10 tips session – they have been described as “outstanding” and “truly inspirational”.

In this fast-paced and engaging webinar we will discuss:

The two most effective CV frameworks for Contractors
How and when to use the innovative ‘Case Study’ framework
How to transform your CV into a powerful business case
How to use marketing principles in your CV and LinkedIn profile
How to SEO LinkedIn and get higher up the search results
The science and psychology of personal branding
The things that you should NEVER do on your CV

This is a live webinar with a Q&A session at the end for you to ask any questions.

Mon, Sep 18, 2017 7:15 PM BST