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Is it Ok to tweak Job titles in CV to match that of role applying..?

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    Originally posted by northernladuk View Post
    You are potentially entering in to dangerous territory here. If you had a client that had an odd job title I don't see a problem changing the title to something more industry recognised. Creating something with the intention to mislead or make you look like something you weren't then no.

    Will people find out? Who knows. Agents may have old CVs on record
    Agents don't actually care. They just want you to get the role as they get money. So changing the title to make it more in-line with your other roles, and this can mean downgrading your title, isn't a problem.

    Obviously if you big up your role so you are something you are not e.g. Director of Testing when you are a Test Manager then you are going to have problems.

    Originally posted by northernladuk View Post
    and you've got to work very careful with linkedin. Too many changes and you are not going to be able to match CVs with your profile. I've turned down inerviews with contractors because there was enough differences between the CV I got and their linkedin profile. I don't know which is the truth so I'll pass.
    Anyone who doesn't make their CV correlate with their linkedin profile is an idiot.

    Oh I've come across the profiles of some contractors I've worked alongside and their profiles are a complete lie. I find it very amusing.
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      I only have one job title on my CV for all my contract work - "XYZ Consultant", which seemed like a catch-all for different types of roles - developer/architect and also proper advisory consultancy.

      The trouble is, there are many recruitment agents who use these titles now (including "Middleware consultant", "technical consultant") and their profiles on LinkedIn are full of technical keywords.


        Honestly. OP, you're barking down the wrong path. Changing job titles on your CV won't get you a contract. I've followed your posts and threads over the past month or so and it's getting a bit out of hand.

        If I was you, this is what I'd do.

        1. Stop posting on here for a while.
        Seriously, it's not doing you any good and you are misinterpreting what is being said to you, leading you further away from any real issues.

        2. Write down what you think your qualities are. Then next to was one, write down why you came to that conclusion (maybe it was a particular skill or achievement that got you a past role). Whatever you do, just be honest to yourself, (even if it hurts).

        3. Take the strengths, think about how you might use those to respond to interview questions.

        4. Contemplate your weaknessses. Are they important? Write a plan as to how you're gonna improve them, maybe even use them in your interview (god forbid we mention weaknesses huh).

        (hey, maybe even a personal SWOT (to cover off the OT ;p) analysis, it will do you good.)

        Number 1 is important. Forget about changing your job titles or any other useless crap like that. It won't help. There are things you can be doing that WILL help. YOU need to figure out what those are.