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BREXIT - 2020 Hindsight

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    Originally posted by scooterscot View Post
    The Tories made the bed. It is an outrage anyone other than them should be asked to fix it. Were the tables turned the Tories would be screaming at Labour for the mess they've caused.

    Do keep in mind, the Tories never expected the referendum to become a vote against the establishment.
    Both campaigns were very badly run, but in very different ways.

    Part of me thinks that they fully intended to leave the EU in order to benefit their contacts and donors. Causing a country to destabilise does, as investors know, benefit those investors if they place appropriate bets on the recovery.

    In this way it would also seem plausible that they likely wanted Scotland to vote for independence, what with the future prospects of oil money progressively decreasing in future, leaving them without the semi-socialist thorn in the neck.