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Cheated by the agency - different contract with client

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    Originally posted by gaumzi View Post
    Because the contract says, they should pay me as i was available for work OR they should have told me at least few days before but they didn't. And even the client was trying to contact them but they were not replying/attending their calls. Such a bad agency i have worked with. Would be more careful in future.
    Not read your contract, obviously, but somewhere in there it will talk about payment for work done for the client.

    However, that's not the point. If you can't see the value in an early termination, think legal action is the immediate recourse, see a simple mistake in terms of someone cheating you out of something and consider two days payment a major issue, you are either in the wrong job or haven't really understood the job you're in.

    So add one more lesson to the list. Things go wrong all the time, but nobody owes you a living.
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