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Moving to Germany - Set up German Company, but still receiving income to UK Ltd

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    Originally posted by ashuri123 View Post
    The income is from work I have done in Germany. I can't retroactively issue invoices as some have been issued and paid already, and some contracts signed before I even arrived in Germany. The question is only about this overlap time before I've been able to set up the german business - should I just pay myself the dividend from the UK company or move the money to my german business by another means, such as invoicing my german business to move the income there. It seems like the former is the only way I can do it - as far as I understand this will be taxed in Germany since the work was done here and I am resident here.
    I think you should invoice your UK company from the German company once it has been set up and then the income will appear in the right box. Declaring it as UK dividends is problematic. It's not UK income. This is dealt with quite differently by the German tax authorities. However it is only a month so it is unlikely to be questioned.
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    I'm alright Jack