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    More time posting than coding

    Elliegirl has more data than eek

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    Funny you should mention this today;I was thinking about how competitive some areas are, and that includes Project Managers. 50 plus applications for 1 job on Reed. Sue Ellen mentioned calling recruiters but that's never worked for me. They never returned my calls, might be something about me. Also there are some on here who are seasoned contractors and have built up a network of contacts and don't have to go down the Jobserve/CW jobs/ etc route. I am not one of those; most of my roles have come from Jobserve or Reed and what has worked for me is Fastest Finger First. Very targeted CV submitted as soon as the job is advertised, or as close as possible. Recruiters will generally submit their top 2 or 3 and if they get a CV very early that ticks the boxes then bingo. I've been called half an hour or less after submitting my CV because I am what they are looking for. Always remember that when you are job hunting it's always about you. Everyone else is just a competitor who is out to eat your lunch and dinner.

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    Build up a rapport with some trustworthy agents (there are one or two out there), so that you are in their minds when roles come in.
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