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    Re: if flash irritates you perhaps a career in IT ...

    AEuropean – Did you miss the point of my comments intentionally or are you just looking for an argument?

    As you have not asked about SAP training and have not told us where we can get SAP training, my guess is you’re a Billy no mates who bought a book of quotes for Christmas and is looking for someone to impress.

    Well Billy no mates, were all impressed. Impress us some more. Tell us where we can get low cost SAP training. Tell us all about YOUR web site and the thought processes you went through ensuring it was technically, aesthetically and ergonomically perfect. Show us all anything original that YOU have done. We’d all like the chance to comment on it.

    Over to you…..

    ScotsPine – I received an automated mail from www.zeboard.com

    I only wanted to help you guys out and put you onto what I think is a good SAP training service. Your question about training is one I’ve heard a lot. For once I decided I would stop being selfish and take the time to help someone. What happens? I end up in an argument about the merits of flash. That’s why I’m so irritated.

    To make matters worse Billy no mates decided to add his worthless contribution.

    I apologise for my possibly overreaction to your comments. I am a Cybernexus member and will send them an email about your issues with flash. There is a skip intro option perhaps you could try that. Good luck. If you still can’t get to the web site let me know.


      Re: if flash irritates you perhaps a career in IT ...

      Excellent, I can see you're going to be a lot of fun, keep on posting.