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    Re: frontpage extns

    Must be easily available - its installed on my PC and I certainly didnt ask for it !


      Re: frontpage extns

      Best to get hold of the latest versions.


      They have been known to be buggy and full of security holes in the past (no, really?).....



        Major problem you've all missed guys is that with Win Pro you only get one web site and no DNS server.
        You have to put all of your sites under virtual dir's on a single web site .... measn you cant mess about mapping to another web site using your hosts file.

        Win2k Advanced Server you can create completely new websites and map to 127.0.0.* using hosts file

        (hosts is in C:\ WINNT\system32\drivers\etc\hosts)

        I went 2 yrs effing about with win pro trying to get scripts to redirect to websites and so forth - I only bloody well had one didn't I. I knew there was something missing.

        As soon as I got Advanced Server it all made sense.

        These are the pitfalls of being skint - another nightmare was being stuck with Access - as soon as I saw a stored proc on SQLServer2k it all started making sense.

        Bastards should have given me a job, I've been running round with my head up my bot for god knows how long.

        (come on then guys let me have it, here we go)



          Re: Win2k

          Once small point.

          You don't want to pay $3999 US for Advanced Server. You simply want Windows 2000 Server (plain vanilla). About £400 OEM.


            Point taken

            I know its expensive whatever you do ... it's simply not worth doing unless you are going to try and rake some back off of a bit of hosting.
            (that would be my reasoning - evenb if it's just to mates or maybe put an ad in the paper, a little coop you'll run sort of thing)

            At the end of the day how much is a leased line - that's about £7k p/a.

            Ok ... broadband ... but if you want your own static IP of them then your own biz broadband and biz rates.

            You have gotta ask if it's really worth it when you can get 200mb .NET and 100mb SQLServer2k for $25 p/m
            and no hassles.