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Database rebuild question

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    Originally posted by wattaj View Post
    Remember to do a proper DB back-up plan and schedule. This will be a bit more involved than simply backing up the Access database file that you may be used to.
    Don't forget that Express edition comes without "SQL Server Agent" for running scheduled jobs (but Windows Task Scheduler with SQL_Scripts/PowerShell still does an excellent work) and has a limitation of 10GB per database (doesn't stop you from having multiple databases though, e.g. 3 dbs x 9GB = 27GB) plus other limitations (memory usage, cores, etc.), therefore beefy server might not be used up to full potential.
    Obviously even though Developer edition is fee for development - it can't be used for production purposes (illegal / license violation).

    OS - SQL Server is supported on Linux too, if it's a question of budget, or Windows 10 Home Edition (is allowed for business use, but won't have ActiveDirectory/DomainController functionality, no Remote DeskTop, but works perfectly via remote Terminal or Remote PowerShell session), if AD/DomainController/StrictSecurity are part of requirement - then instead of Windows Server: Windows 10 Pro will do the job too.

    For reporting front-end purposes - Excel/PowerBI/SSRS are still good enough, but for data input it will need different interface (Access with it's forms will do too, SQL Server linked tables are supported if I remember correctly), otherwise writing your own Input/Output interface is inevitable.

    Another alternative is going into cloud, Azure SQL Database is cheap as chips (range of different pricing/performance/storage plans with transparent billing), so no your own server, hosting and software costs anymore.