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Anyone use Names.co.uk or 123reg for domain names?

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    Originally posted by Hobosapien View Post
    ******* 123-reg.

    They've autorenewed a mailbox I have set up on a soon to be expired domain for my now dissolved Ltd. No notice of pending renewal just an invoice saying it's been paid.

    Wouldn't be so bothered (I still check the mailbox for any stuff I've missed when I updated email addresses away from my old Ltd) if it was the usual cost in recent years of around a tenner, but now they want £43 ******* quid. Where's the advance notice of that steep rise in price?

    A bit perplexed how they've taken payment (invoice says it's been paid) as the card on the account has expired. Will have to keep an eye on my bank account over the next few days to see if payment was successful or if 123 are premature on that.

    Can't wait to see that back of them. They've gone the way of 1&1 when I used them eons ago, of having a piss poor user interface and insufficient detail in the emails.

    Not sure who to use for future domain registrations. Any decent companies left?

    Edit: Have checked bank account and no pending transactions with 123 reg, yet. Have removed the mailbox and set up email forwarding. Should have done that when I set the domain name to not auto-renew.

    Un****ing believable jeff. They've somehow re-instated the mailbox I deleted last year and it was back to autorenew so they've just invoiced me for another 40 odd quid for a mailbox I no longer use on a domain I no longer have. No warning email the fee was due with a chance to change it, just an invoice, obviously hiding behind the autorenew to not give any advance warning of a fee being imminent.

    Raised a ticket with them to request a refund.

    The invoice was paid using continuous payment authority on a credit card so I may have to raise it as an unauthorised payment with the credit card company if 123-reg say it's my fault and won't refund. I somehow feel this is going to be a complete pain in the arse.

    Can't this shamble of tulip just go bankrupt already and put us all out of their misery.
    Maybe tomorrow, I'll want to settle down. Until tomorrow, I'll just keep moving on.


      Quick update: They've agreed to refund me seeing as I can't use the mailbox without the domain (now expired).

      May still look at requesting my credit card provider to remove 'continuous payment authority' (CPA) so 123-reg don't charge me automatically for anything in future, though I can't see anything still on my old account for them to charge me for but wouldn't put it past them.

      CPA seems a bit of a scam as it's totally invisible on the banking side so first you know about a charge is when it appears, and no easy way to cancel it from the banking side without proving it was due to fraud or other unauthorised means. I'm sure Martin Lewis has banged on about it in the past. Avoid if can or use a card you can easily cancel. Revolut (or alternative provider) one-time cards seem ideal for this if they work that way.
      Maybe tomorrow, I'll want to settle down. Until tomorrow, I'll just keep moving on.


        I generally use PayPal rather than a CC with my domain registrars. There is one specific advantage to this approach.

        When paid by PayPal, registrars generally create a recurring billing agreement that you can delete by logging into your paypal account. Whey they try to renew it, because there is no such agreement, payment will be denied.